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Gallery 1
The Superstitions
"The Superstitions"
Star Candle
"Star Candle"
Gallery 2
Ball Candle
"Ball Candle"
Gallery 3
The Flame
"The Flame"
Papagos at Sunset
"Papagos at Sunset"
Cup of Fire
"Cup of Fire"
Gallery 4
Hole In The Rock At Sunset
"Hole In The
Rock At Sunset"
Dancing Flame
"Dancing Flame"
Gallery 5
The Dancer
"The Dancer"
Wedding Bouquet
"Wedding Bouquet"

Artist's Statement & Biography:

Ashley Jade - artist
    A unique quality to my creative experience is my love of working directly with, and getting to know, the people who will ultimately own my paintings. I enjoy expressing a feeling of warm calm that transports the viewer to the realms of their imagination.
    Living in Arizona for most of my life, I am heavily influenced by my desert surroundings, as well as the styles of Claude Monet and Georgia O'Keeffe. Always involved in the arts, I have experience in modeling, floral design, set design and photography. I have studied and shown in southern California and Arizona. My work can be found in many private collections.
    In the past I have donated several pieces to animal organizations and am always doing what I can to help end the abuse of animals everywhere.
    My life is lived in the spirit and pursuance of fun, creativity, and a peaceful reflection that I believe is the heart and soul of my work. This is embodied by a splash of "Angel Dust" in every piece I paint.

Contact Information:

If you would like to contact me about my artwork please send E-mail to:


I look forward to talking with you,



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